2016-18 Woodblock prints, Photographs, Sculptures

In Monolith, I mined my life for spaces that triggered a cascade of memories; corners where I ate breakfast every day, awkward doorways and corridors, worn parquet floors. I made small scale sculptures out of these spaces, sometimes realistically, sometimes in incongruous materials, like a corner of a room made out of speckled clay. I combined these objects with projections of shadows I had gathered; light coming in through blinds, hanging plants, a silhouette self portrait. I borrowed and stole objects and images, like a bird looking for shiny things with which to build a nest. I took pictures of these arrangements.

My work has often involved layers of translation, usually from medium to medium, sculpture to photo to woodblock print. My thought process for this project took a similar path; starting with spaces that had strong personal resonances, I set those aside and let formal concerns lead the way, which lead back into meaning, but in a more open, stranger way.