Superposition at Wellesley College

My show Superposition is now open at the Jewett Art Gallery at Wellesley College. It’s a bit of an open studio, throughout the run of the show I’ll be photographing the sculptures in the gallery and hanging the prints, culminating with the closing reception on Friday, March 1, 4 - 7pm.

Here’s the exhibition as it stands now, and I hope you’ll join me at the reception to see how the project evolves!

And here’s some thoughts:

Superposition is a first and foremost about a relationship. The wife is a sculptor, a ceramicist. She works in a basement studio in a small, one bedroom duplex. Directly above the studio, in a living room turned home office, the husband works, he is a writer. Their work spaces are distinct, but there is a push pull, a bleed over. This is a story about collaboration, living with art, living with an artist, craft, and egos.

In quantum physics, a particle in superposition occupies multiple states simultaneously. The act of observation snaps it into one state, one possibility within many, ending the superposition. Observation is inherently reductive, you can never know someone else’s marriage, but it’s all we’ve got.